Current position since August 2012:

Digital Project Manager, Datawords, Paris.

– Write the specifications taking into account business requirements and functional specifications

– Provide resources (human, financial, technical) to implement

– Follow the development and conduct different phases

– Support users (documentation writing, training animation…)

– Production & Maintenance

– Supervise the project & lead the MOA team



January 2011 – July 2012 :

SEO-SEA-SMO Manager,, Paris.

– Keyword Research.

– On Page Optimization.

– Off Page Optimization.

– Weekly and Monhtly SEO report.

– Blog, Articles, Press Release & Videos Submission.

– Blog Installation and Customization– WordPress.

– Social Media Optimization (Twitter, Facebook & Google+).

– Link Building/ Tracking.

– AdSens campaign management.


September 2008- 2009:      

SEA Manager, e-business, Pixmania, Paris.

– Creating, implementing, tracking. analyzing and optimizing Paid Search campaigns.

– Manage 500 + Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with an approximate spend of €1.4 million in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter

for e-commerce, Cameras & Camcorders, Sound & Vision, Home appliances and Child welfare.

– Work exclusively with Director of Search Marketing to strategize, up sell, and analyze ROI for PPC management offerings.

– Responsible for Pay Per Click ad copy creation, keyword research, keyword traffic estimates and analytics analysis.

– Lead role in landing page development, implementation, multi-variant testing and consulting.

– Coordinate online advertising media and online marketing media buys.

– Utilize compelling ad copy, Google AdWords editor, A/B testing, exact phrase vs broad matching, day-parting, negative keywords, etc. to identify and correct poor performers.

– Analyze detailed data including CPC, impressions, CTR and conversions to reach desired CPA levels, increase ROI and increase lead generation.


September 2006- 2008 :         

Marketing & Product Manager, SupportPlus France, Evry.

– Business strategy development for White & Brown Goods.

– Launch new range. Display and follow up.

– Selling tools development, leaflet, brochures …

– Communication plan management.


February- may 2010: 

Communication & Booking manager, Daintree Wild Zoo, Cairns.

– Development of online communication strategy.

– Setting up the online trading network


General Skill:

SEO, SEM, Google Ad-sense, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter,

Video Presentation, Graphics Designing, WordPress CMS, Adobe CQ5 CMS.


Reading scripting language :



Software :

Microsoft Office Suit 2003-2007, Photoshop.


Operating Systems :

Windows-98, 2000, NT, XP, 2003 & Linux, Mac OS.


Languages :

English    =>  ( read, speak & write )

German   =>  ( read, speak & write )

Dutch       =>  ( speak)



2014 :

Mooc Project Management.

University-level , Engineering, Lille.


2008- 2009 :        

Master’s in Marketing & Management.

ESG, International Business, Paris.


2006- 2008 :

Master’s in Marketing & DEES Communication.

IDRAC,Business management, Montpellier.


2003- 2006 :                 

Bachelor of Production & Selling Tourism.

Ecole de Condé, Lyon.




– Running Day, Sponsoring manager for Cancer charity, Paris.

Festival musical de Thau Organizer, Montpellier.

Fair Pride, Staff, Paris.

Oxfam Trail walker Driver, Paris.

Homeless World Cup Dutch Team staff, Paris.

BeMyApp, Project manager, Paris.

SEO Camp, Paris.



3S (Skate, Snow, Surf), Basket-ball, Soccer, Tennis.



Australia (11 month), India (1 month), U.S.A (1 month), Europa, North Africa.