Current position since August 2012:

Digital Project Manager, Datawords, Paris.

– Write the specifications taking into account business requirements and functional specifications

– Provide resources (human, financial, technical) to implement

– Follow the development and conduct different phases

– Support users (documentation writing, training animation…)

– Production & Maintenance

– Supervise the project & lead the MOA team



January 2011 – July 2012 :

SEO-SEA-SMO Manager,, Paris.

– Keyword Research.

– On Page Optimization.

– Off Page Optimization.

– Weekly and Monhtly SEO report.

– Blog, Articles, Press Release & Videos Submission.

– Blog Installation and Customization– WordPress.

– Social Media Optimization (Twitter, Facebook & Google+).

– Link Building/ Tracking.

– AdSens campaign management.


September 2008- 2009:      

SEA Manager, e-business, Pixmania, Paris.

– Creating, implementing, tracking. analyzing and optimizing Paid Search campaigns.

– Manage 500 + Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with an approximate spend of €1.4 million in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter

for e-commerce, Cameras & Camcorders, Sound & Vision, Home appliances and Child welfare.

– Work exclusively with Director of Search Marketing to strategize, up sell, and analyze ROI for PPC management offerings.

– Responsible for Pay Per Click ad copy creation, keyword research, keyword traffic estimates and analytics analysis.

– Lead role in landing page development, implementation, multi-variant testing and consulting.

– Coordinate online advertising media and online marketing media buys.

– Utilize compelling ad copy, Google AdWords editor, A/B testing, exact phrase vs broad matching, day-parting, negative keywords, etc. to identify and correct poor performers.

– Analyze detailed data including CPC, impressions, CTR and conversions to reach desired CPA levels, increase ROI and increase lead generation.


September 2006- 2008 :         

Marketing & Product Manager, SupportPlus France, Evry.

– Business strategy development for White & Brown Goods.

– Launch new range. Display and follow up.

– Selling tools development, leaflet, brochures …

– Communication plan management.


February- may 2010: 

Communication & Booking manager, Daintree Wild Zoo, Cairns.

– Development of online communication strategy.

– Setting up the online trading network